A chat with Ayn Rand fan and objectivism advocate Froilan Vincent

I had a nice chat with Ayn Rand online fan Froilan Vincent on the blog post "An advice to a dimwit" [sic] which he authored on his Randroid site Vincenton Post. Unfortunately much of the record of this revealing chat had been deleted from public eyes by Mr Vincent. Forunately I discovered that simply clicking on the "Back" button on my browser brought up cached pages of the site with the original text still on the comment submission form of the site. I thought I'd share these gems for those who are up for a bit of a laugh.

Here is the comment I submitted that started it all:
By the way, check out my latest masterpiece: "The ultimate Easter reflection question: Why would the ‘Son of God’ die for us?"

For that matter, are there absolutes, to begin with? To postulate absolutes even using the majesty of our known science and mathematics still makes said postulated absolute, itself, a mere notion framed by the very human constructs (albeit possessing far more rigour than our natural intuition) in our science and mathematics.

Read the full article here!

Oks ba? You don't know me that well. Yet. Ask around. You'll most likely find out who I am -- and how I invented trolling ten years ago. :p

One of my fans even dedicated a whole blogspot site to me. Check it out right here. And you know what the even bigger gag is? I've even been an Ayn Rand fan myself once -- that is until I realised that most of her followers were brain-dead wannabes like you. Kinda ruined it for me. I guess I have people like you to thank for that.

Ironic, isn't it? Then again, irony tends to fly over the heads of people such as yourself. :D

But then the above comment (which I did give a bit of effort to typing out, dang!) disappeared from the moderation queue. The text that follows (in italics) are all my words typed into Vincent Post's comment box and submitted as comments. They appeared for a while and were all eventually deleted.

* * *

Tsk tsk. Deleted my under moderation comment, did you? What's the matter, can't handle a humble ex-troll like me? As I said earlier. I invented trolling ten years ago. Indeed, you can check out my proud track record on PinoyExchange right here.

I always knew there was something about the old days I kinda missed when I suddenly found myself being regarded in the Pinoy blogosphere as a "respectable" blogger. And I gotta admit, dude, you bring out the good ol' days of happy-go-lucky trolling. Best part of it is that because you are a relative nobody in Da Pinoy blogosphere, it's just you and me here, kid. Perhaps you, me, and the handful of losers who come to read your drivel every now and then.

Then again, too bad you are into deleting comments that kinda don't jive with your stunted world view. You're missing half your life not engaging in a brilliant guy like me. Too bad. :D

Here's Vincent Post explaining his actions in his usual insightful form:
@ Dimwit benign0:

I deleted your comments. Now that’s absolute. They’re gone. That’s also my absolute right because my right is not limited by anything whatsoever- and this blogsite is my private property… Let’s see if you can send the thought-control and anti-free speech police to arrest me. Can you? Why? Because I never violated any of your crappy right! Do you understand that concept? You can howl all you can. You can even leap to your death and the result would be ABSOLUTE: dead or alive! ;-) [permalink]

No problemo. I really don't have any interest in having my comments retained here. After all, who's gonna read them? Oh yeah, just you, and the handful of losers who visit your site to read your drivel. But to me, that['s] all that matters. I really want you to get to know me a bit better. An ex-Randroid talking to a current Randroid. O di ba? You should write a blog about our little exchange someday. It'll be your best shot at a hit which your blog seems to be starved for. Imagine wannabe nobody Vincent Post being given the time of day by A-List Blogger benign0. That should get a bit of you flagging ego a bit of a boost.

Hey wait. since you deleted my pervious comment, I forgot to remind you of my most recent and, as usual, brilliant piece on GR Post.

Check it out here:


Oh yeah, and I know now why my comment was put under moderation. It's because I included more than one hyperlink in the comment. I guess that simply means I will have to spread out the other stuff I feel like telling you across several comments. Here i will include this gem of a link:


It is a blogspot site put up by one of the ex-moderators of one of the forums I used to hang out in back in the good ol' days when I was a nasty little troll. Kinda flattering, I must admit. But then that kinda left the "bengin0" name beyond my reach as far as blogspot is concerned. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

So maybe think twice about deleting my comments. Or at least save them in a Notepad file (you're a PC user, right? I'll bet you're even one of those losers who still use Internet Explorer) before you delete them. It'll be great material for your next article which I look forward to read.

Tsk tsk [after yet another comment deleted]. Is there such a thing as an overheated "delete" button? You're certainly in the mood to overwork that poor Wordpress functionality. I'll tell you what, it's a bit late already so I might give you and your "Delete" button a bit of a break. You disappoint me though. After all that pathetic effort getting everyone to come visit your site, a rockstar of Da Pinoy blogosphere comes visiting and the best you can do is delete his comments. Tsk tsk. Where's that good ol' Pinoy hospitality. Gen Y nga naman talaga. Talk about generation-wide attention deficit disorder.

* * *

A bit of fun for the night and a journey to a not-so-distant but definitely a nostalgic past for me. A fleeting opportunity to re-visit my roots.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Galing! The comments deleted were intelligently phrased. In fact, it's because of the smartness in them that Froi Vince deleted them.

  3. Nothing is absolute! Even your posts! And since everything is relative, we all have the flexibility to decide what is the right thing to do for a particular situation even though it may contradict what one has been blogging about for years (double-think).

    We stand for nothing. That is why we cannot be beaten.

  4. "Oks ba? You don't know me that well. Yet. Ask around. You'll most likely find out who I am -- and how I invented trolling ten years ago. :p"

    He he he, this confirms my suspicion that there is something "sinister" beneath you.

  5. Froilan raped the delete button really good aye. So much for freedom of speech. Grow a pair, boy. Don't try and be the poster boy for free speech if you can't handle people handing your ass back to you.

  6. Hoy Froilala hilig mo sa dobol standard. Hilig mo rin atang kumaliwa. Bi ka ba o bayot?

  7. Calvin Almighty8:55 pm, July 05, 2011

    Do you know that Froilan Vincent Grate was sued for blogging? http://www.gmanews.tv/story/217692/jan-jan39s-parents-sue-blogger-psychologist-for-libel


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