Ronald Singson is fnked - the same way Filipinos always have been

So far, the Hong Kong government is holding three Filipino "assets" by the nuts -- (1) the thousands of Filipinos on whose jobs as servants in the territory depend the means to live of quinta-multiples of that number back in the islands, (2) political ascendancy over the search for the Truth on who is really accountable for the needless deaths of eight Hong Kong nationals resulting from a botched hostage rescue operation in Manila, and (3) Philippine Congressman Ronald Singson. For most people who are not beholden to the pleasantries of polite society, there is one word that best describes the Philippines...


I'd consider myself fucked if I find myself in a situation of having to deal with someone that values nothing of what I have to offer.

What do Filipinos have to offer that is valued by the rest of the world?

Trouble is, this question is quite simply a non issue for most Pinoys. We Filipinos have been so thoroughly conditioned by every artifact of our dysfunctional culture to play the victim card. Just look at the sort of moods being incited by what are supposed to the jewels of our portfolio of dubious collective achievements: our 1898 "independence" that glosses over our being double-crossed by Spain and America out of it. Boo hoo. Our "ingenuity" in overcoming the challenges of living in a land plundered by an assortment of colonial imperialists, power-obssessed "dictators", and greedy oligarchs. Boo hoo. Our "peaceful" and "prayerful" street "revolutions" demonstrating how a David-esque Filipino schmoe stands up to the Goliathine evil emperor. Boo hoo. A reluctant "President" facing monumental challenges "inherited" from a previous monstrosity of an administration. Boo hoo.

The quintessential microcosm of this renowned character of the Filipino is embodied by the sampaguita sidewalk vendor -- an "entrepreneur" that, on the surface, is selling what is essentially a worthless physical product. What one is really buying from a sampaguita vendor is a guilt-alleviation-service. The sampaguita string itself then gets conspicuously hung from the rear view mirrors of our airconditioned Honda Civics to show to others that we did a good deed today.

Pity therefore the plight of Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson who laments the prospects his son Ronald Singson faces in Hong Kong after allegedly being caught in possession of illegal drugs in the territory's airport.

Holy bad timing, Batman!

A month before that incident, a disgruntled Manila policeman hijacked a tourist bus and eight Hong Kong tourists were killed in a bloody rescue operation by Manila policemen.

The botched rescue attempt sparked outrage among Chinese and Hong Kong government officials.

Needless to say, it looks like Ronald Singson is really fucked.

Indeed, my nuts kinda ached reading this...
Singson said he and his son’s lawyers thought that the Wan Chai District Court Judge in Hong Kong was treating the case “differently” from other drug trafficking cases because the defendant was a Philippine official and that the Hong Kong public was all eyes on the case.

And, yes, the mighty Chavit Singson is Filipino to the bone after all.

Note how the "v" word now comes up...
“If they remove him now, what if he was absolved? Can he get his seat back? It is unfair to him because I know he is a victim,” Singson said.

So get this: The victim card is being played in dealing with Hong Kong -- a society that got to where it got by applying a strong culture of playing hard ball.

For that matter, the Philippines had already traded its historic alignment with the West in exchange for brownie points with Beijing after it "boycotted" the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo honouring dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Suffice to say, it's gonna be a bit tough now for Ronald Singson to live up to the vows he makes public on his website...
The youthful congressman vowed to perform well, attend committee meetings and strive to be present in all House sessions.

Pity the society with nothing of any consequence to offer. Said pity tends to run out when an appeal to it is used once too often. Then the society is simply fucked.


  1. R. Singson is now internationally famous.
    The proud Penoys should claim and shout to the world, "Ronald Singson is a Filipino!"


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